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Central Oregon’s rapid population growth and increasing intercity commuter rates, coupled with increasing fuel costs and scarcity of government resources, indicate the need for regionally-coordinated transportation services to ensure the efficient, affordable, and safe movement of people, goods and services.

The overarching purpose of COIC’s transportation program is to strengthen regional transportation services and infrastructure through the development and implementation of regionally-based transportation plans, administration and operations, service coordination, and project development. A regional approach to transportation enhances efficiencies among transportation organizations and ensures regional connectivity for Central Oregon’s residents, businesses, and visitors.

Core Functions Of COIC’s Transportation Services:

  • To identify regional transportation needs and objectives and develop long-term, coordinated plans to address them;
  • To develop and administer regional transportation programs and inter-community transit systems, as identified in regional plans on a priority basis;
  • To assist communities in the development and operation of intra-city transit, as needed;
  • To ensure connectivity of intra- and inter-community transportation systems; and
  • To provide technical support and project development assistance to local governments, organizations, and federal and state agencies to assist their transportation programs.

Specific Services:

Regional Planning
COIC provides transportation planning services for the region, with a specific focus on regional level multi-community transportation planning and the integration of regional transportation and economic development planning.

Administration and Operations
COIC administers and manages transportation coordination and operations projects for the region, including the Cascades East Ride Center - a regional non-emergency medical ride brokerage - and the Crook County Dial-a-Ride program. COIC will administer and manage public transit operations to support local jurisdictions as needed, with a specific focus on inter-community transportation services.

Facilitation and Coordination
COIC serves as a convener of stakeholders to facilitate regional collaboration and problem solving. COIC Facilitates communication and planning between stakeholders, funders, and communities, and improves communications between jurisdictions.

Information and Project Development
COIC provides assistance to local governments, organizations, and state and federal government through the development and management of transportation projects. Activities include data collection and monitoring; transportation assessments; and research and coordination of transportation financing options.