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DOC Wellness

Well Connect provides anyone enrolled in the Deschutes County Employee Benefits Plan, including employees (and their dependents) of Deschutes county or COIC, retirees, and people enrolled in COBRA coverage access to wellness program information and additional resources.

Juli Huddleston, Registered Dietitian, is the on-site Wellness Coordinator and is the primary contact for wellness; she is available to provide nutrition counseling, fitness programming, smoking cessation, health and wellness coaching and more!

Need a place to start?

Get moving with daily movement breaks !

Health is a lifestyle:

It is not something to get over and done with, or that can change in a moments notice. It should not be a struggle to take care of your needs to maintain your health; it should be a positive choice.

Health is balance:

Between how we properly feed, move and rest our bodies and minds.

Health is happiness:

If we treat our bodies and minds with respect, healthy and happiness will follow. With health come energy, clarity, and calmness for a high quality of life.

Have you “Bitten” into a healthy lifestyle?
Ask yourself these three questions…

1. Are you happy with your health and wellness?

2. Have you sought outside resources to help you with your wellness goals?

3. Do you feel that you are at your full health potential?

If you answered no to any of the above questions you are a great candidate to visit your Wellness Coordinator; to help establishing a healthy lifestyle that works for you.

Contact her today! [email protected]. 541-330-4613

To schedule an appointment, call (541) 330-4613 , send an email, or simply stop in! Juli’s office is located at 1340 NW Wall Street in Bend - just steps from your DOC. And, appointments with Juli are available at no charge to anyone on the Deschutes County Employee Benefit Plan.

If you have any ideas or programs you would like to see explored, please contact your department’s Wellness Task Force representative.  COIC’s representative is Laura Skundrick - [email protected]


The following local fitness centers have discounted rates for Deschutes County and COIC employees. Please contact the fitness center or your Wellness Coordinator for details.

  • Max Fitness, Bend
  • 9Rounds, Bend
  • Central Oregon Strength and Conditioning, Bend
  • Anytime Fitness, Bend
  • Anytime Fitness, LaPine
  • Norm’s Xtreme Fitness, Prineville
  • SNAP Fitness, Bend
  • Fitness 1440, Bend and Redmond
  • Bend Downtown Athletic Club
  • Sisters Athletic Club (contact your Wellness Coordinator first)
  • Redmond Athletic Club (contact your Wellness Coordinator first)
  • Madras Athletic Club

Raise your hand if you get groggy in the afternoon. Raise your hand if after lunch your mind easily wonders and work becomes a struggle. Raise your hand if you had a bed in your office around 3pm you would fall asleep in it.

If this is you, here is something to consider: Mid-day movement…

Blood circulation means moving sugars, hormones, proteins, and other necessities to and from our tissues so we can fully function. Moving your body increases blood flow to muscles and your brain to keep you alert and focused throughout the afternoon so you can stay energized and engaged in your work.

Being sedentary slows all the systems in the body down. If you are feeling sluggish, there is a good chance your bodies systems are barely crawling along, at a “slugs” pace, making your body feel heavy and your mind feel slow. This is how our bodies respond when it is time to sleep; this should not be how we are responding throughout the work day.

The Well WorkPlace Health Letter

Freedom From Smoking

The last Wednesday of every month there will be an evening tobacco cessation support group meet-up at 5:30pm. Meet in the Wellness Office at 1340 NW Wall St, Bend.

Quitting tobacco is a difficult endeavor but can be done! According to the American Cancer Society, most success comes from utilizing 2 or more of the following; encouragement and support from friends and family members, telephone smoking-cessation hotlines, stop-smoking groups, online quit groups, counseling, nicotine replacement products, prescription medicine to lessen cravings, and guide books.

Resources to prepare for your quit attempt:

Freedom From Smoking Workshop:

Deschutes County offers employees and dependents on the Deschutes County Health Plan a free workshop in tobacco cessation through the American Lung Association, titled Freedom From Smoking. This workshop provides you with the tools necessary to quit smoking and successfully stay smoke free.

Sign up by calling 541-330-4613 or emailing [email protected]

The Oregon Tobacco Quit Line:
1 (800) 784-8669 English, 1 (877) 266-3683 Spanish.

Online cessation resources:

American Lung Association’s Freedom From Smoking, www.ffsonline.org

American Cancer Society’s Quit for Life Program, www.alerewellbeing.com/quit-for-life/

Become an EX, www.becomeanex.org