Open Procurements

New: March 29, 2019
The Central Oregon Intergovernmental Council has issued a request for proposals for planning and conceptual design services for the proposed Central Oregon Regional Emergency Services Training and Coordination Center (RESTCC).

We received two requests for clarification by the April 12 deadline:

  1. Regarding Page 6. — b. Related Experience: “Experience working in a project management capacity”

Can you please clarify what information you’re looking for? Has your team hired a Program Management (Owner’s Rep) Consultant that the successful proposer will work with? Or are you asking something different with regard to our firm’s experience managing projects?

Answer: That is a generic question on most of our RFPs. We are asking about your project management capacity in general. The selected consultant will serve on the project management team with very busy people, so we want to know that you can help in that capacity. We have not hired a Program Management Consultant.

  1. Regarding Page 6. 4. Evaluation Criteria; d. “Reasonableness of Cost and Price”

We understand that Oregon state statute does not allow for architectural or design RFP responses to be rated on this criteria; why do you have it on this RFP?

Answer: This was an oversight. “Reasonableness of Cost and Price” WILL NOT be rated by the RFP Review Committee nor COIC. Respondents may choose to include this information, or not, but it will have no bearing on the point evaluation for this project.