On the Job Training

On-the-Job Training

funded by

Back to Work Oregon Grant

and Dislocated National Emergency Grant

Assists Businesses in Hiring & Training Employees

How Does It Work:

  • Employer interviews OJT candidates through COIC referrals or employer’s own talent search.
  • COIC confirms eligibility and the employer makes the hiring decision.
  • Trainee completes training plan lasting one to 6 months, working 30+ hours per week, and at a wage of at least $10 per hour.
  • COIC provides partial reimbursement of training wages.
  • Trainee retains permanent full-time employment.


  • Prompt payments with a minimum of paperwork.
  • Trained staff to assist employer through all phases of the OJT.
  • An opportunity for employers to train employees their way.

Additional Information:

  • The written contract must be signed prior to the first day of work.
  • Job openings and employees must meet eligibility requirements.
  • Position cannot be less than 30 hours per week, temporary or seasonal (note: some seasonal jobs with short lay-off periods may be acceptable).
  • Position requires training beyond a brief period of orientation.
  • Principal method of payment cannot be commission or piecework.

Interested Employers and Job Seekers,  please contact:

Dana Dunlap 541-388-6374

Deb Haglund 541-548-8196, ext. 322