Cascades East Ride Center

Cascades East Ride Center (CERC) is a call center that provides information about local transportation options available, and schedules rides for several kinds of local transportation, and processes travel reimbursements for OHA/DHS clients:

  1. Cascade East Transit – get bus information and schedules rides when reservations are needed
  2. OHP (Medicaid) Rides –rides scheduled for eligible OHP clients to and from covered medical services.
  3. OHP (Medicaid) Travel Reimbursements – claims processed for OHP clients providing their own transportation to and from eligible medical visits.
  4. Veterans – ride schedule to and from the DAV Van to Portland. Local medical rides available only when authorized by a local VSO.
  5. Volunteer Ride Match – connects volunteer drivers with eligible persons needing a ride.

For more information about the services above see below. If you would like to talk with a Customer Service Representative about Central Oregon transportation options please call (541) 385-8680 or Toll Free 1 (866) 385-8680.

Other Central Oregon Transportation Services

For a list of transportation options in Central Oregon, click here.

Rides On Cascade East Transit (CET)

CET is a public transportation system providing local on demand bus service in the Redmond, Prineville, Madras, La Pine and Sisters communities. Bend CET provides fixed route bus service for the general public, and, pre-scheduled Dial-A-Ride services for qualifying persons with disabilities and seniors who qualify as low income.

Additionally, Community Connector bus service provides Bus service on a fixed schedule and is available between the communities of Bend, Redmond, Terrebonne, Prineville, Madras, Culver, Metolius, Warm Springs, La Pine and Sisters.

  • For information about CET, click here
  • Para informacion sobre el bus de CET, haga click aqui

Medical Rides for Eligible OHP Clients

CERC arranges rides to medical appointments for eligible Medicaid (OHP) clients when they have no other way to get to their covered Medicaid services. The service area covered for the scheduling of medical transportation rides includes the following counties: Crook, Deschutes, Jefferson, and four communities in Northern Klamath County; Gilchrist, Crescent, Chemult and Crescent Lake.

  • For information on the OHP Medical Transportation Program, click here
  • Para informacion del OHP Programa de Transportacion Medico, haga click aqui
  • For information on OHP eligible urgent need rides After Hoursclick here for provider list
  • For the After Hours wheelchair and stretcher coverage schedule click here.

OHP Medical Transportation Reimbursements

For residents of Crook, Deschutes, Jefferson & Northern Klamath Counties, CERC authorizes and issues transportation reimbursements to help cover the travel costs for Medicaid (OHP) clients to get to and from covered Medicaid services.  If you are on the Oregon Health Plan (OHP) and drive yourself to medical services, or have a friend or family member who can give you a ride, you may be eligible for help with travel costs.  (Northern Klamath County coverage is residents of Gilchrist, Crescent, Crescent Lake and Chemult.)

To be eligible for help with travel reimbursement costs trips must be to a provider in your local town, or the next closest town where the service is available if not available in your local town.  Requests for reimbursements must be requested and authorized at least 48 hours before the medical service unless it is an unanticipated, urgent need.  Trip verifications are required.  See the attached program guide for more information.

  • For information on the OHP Transportation Reimbursement Program, click here
  • Para informacion del OHP Reembolso Para Transportacion Medico, haga click aqui
  • For a copy of the OHP Single Visit Medical Verification Form, click here
  • For a copy of the OHP Multiple Visits to One Medical Provider Verification Form, click here

Medical Rides for Veterans

Central Oregon Veterans can receive rides to meet the DAV Van for medical appointments in Portland, and then a ride home on their return to Central Oregon. Local rides can be provided for VA sanctioned medical trips on a case by case basis.

• For more information on the Veterans medical ride program, click here

Volunteer Ride Match

Volunteer Ride Match is a service provided by CERC Volunteer drivers. This service is designed to match available volunteer drivers with eligible individuals who have no vehicle and no ride available by family, friends, or any ride services (CET bus, OHP ride etc.) Riders must qualify for rides. Rides are provided on based on the availability of volunteer drivers. See attached for more information, or for an application to apply for this service.

• For information on the Volunteer Ride Match service, click here
• For the Volunteer Ride Match Eligibility Application, click here
• If you are interested in becoming a CERC Volunteer Driver, click here

CERC Advisory Committee Agenda & Minutes

  • 2016 Meeting Schedule
  •  COIC Administration, 334 NE Hawthorne Ave, Bend, OR 97701
  • Every Other Month, 4th Wednesday, 1:00 – 3:00 pm

 For more information contact:Melanie Ybarra, Program Administrator
(541) 504-3310

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